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The predecessor of Zhejiang Jiuhong is Hangzhou Jiuhong Technology Development Co., Ltd. in 1997, Wu lie, the founder of the company, and two other doctors from Zhejiang University jointly founded in Hangzhou, dedicated to the research and application of electrical / electronic technology.
In 2003, Wu lie, the founder, was a teacher of Wenzhou University (Wenzhou Normal University). With the support of relevant leaders, Cangnan Tianli Information Technology Co., Ltd. was established to engage in the application and research of power engineering technology, and to provide practice places for teachers and students.
In 2008, the company changed its name to Zhejiang Jiuhong Power Engineering Co., Ltd. with the strong support of Wenzhou Electric Power Bureau, Jiuhong company is currently the core shortlisted enterprise of Tusheng group (collective enterprise of Electric Power Bureau), and has been registered in Zhejiang electric power platform of State Grid.
Over the past ten years, the company has achieved great development, expanding its business scope to the fields of power engineering construction, power engineering design, fire protection and intelligent system integration. It has become an important base for electrical teachers of Wenzhou University to engage in scientific research, teaching and power enterprise management practice, and also an important place for Wenzhou university students to practice.
He has very mature experience in power project operation, and has a mature team to support from project undertaking, design, construction and other aspects. He is the only private power engineering company in Wenzhou that can independently undertake 110kV power transformation project at present. The power general contractor has the ability of one-stop service from design to project implementation.
The qualifications are complete and complete, including general contracting of electric power, mechanical and electrical, fire control, intelligence, street lamp, housing construction, municipal general contracting, etc.
The company has made a lot of achievements in strong power and weak power, especially in strong power projects. It has undertaken hundreds of 110kV and below power transmission and transformation projects, including dozens of 110kV transformation projects in the industry.
Network resource advantages: with nearly 20 years of project experience in the power industry and deep network relationship in the power system, it has laid a good foundation for reliable solution of power projects.
The company has 379 employees, including 81 management and technical personnel. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has completed hundreds of consulting, design and construction projects of cross industry projects, provided system maintenance post service for hundreds of users, and established a good and extensive customer relationship network. "To do a project and build a monument" is not only the purpose of our development, but also our goal. With exquisite technology, reliable quality and high-quality service, Jiuhong power will join hands with customers to create brilliance!

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